“Hashing Out the Hashtag, II:”  Communities

“Hashing Out the Hashtag, II:” Communities

The Hashtag as the Community Calling Card for Organizations & Events – con’t from “Twitter 101:  Hashing Out the Hashtag“ Say what?  It’s a calling card?? What does that mean??   Remember earlier when we went over how tweets can be organized by organization, group, event, or company?  Well, over time, as multiple users tweet using(…)

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Blogging & Beyond

Blogging & Beyond

So, last night we had a #TChat on Blogging… something I’ve done for years & since one of our team members, Matt Charney, was out sick? I gladly wrote the preview for it. But that being said, my blog is surely far from perfect. I’ve actually made some amateur-hour bloopers lately & so have been(…)

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#TChat Recap Zero Unemployment: It’s On Us

Originally Posted at:  TalentCulture.Com  by Kevin W. Grossman Maybe we would be better off putting economists and seasoned (small) business leaders in office. Because maybe then we’d create a better private sector environment that brings back a job growth heartbeat. [clear — ZAP!] I didn’t want to make this week’s recap political, but that’s difficult(…)

It Starts with One… Purpose

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVTXPUF4Oz4&w=560&h=345] Right now, it’s a little before 8am and I’ve been up for close to 4 hours.  I’ve “touched” 79 people between twitter messages, replies, responding to emails & Facebook messages/posts.  I’ve left 32 voicemails; 18 of which are returning calls & have had 9 conversations.  I’ve started the Asian-Inspired Skewers that we’ll be(…)

Joining up w/ TalentCulture: #Tchat Ambassadorship

As many of you who follow me on Twitter already know, I’m a -HUGE- fan of #TChat.  So much so, that my Twitter promotion of the #TChat channel earned me the title of  #TChat Ambassador.  For those that don’t tweet or didn’t yet know?  #TChat is the Twitter Channel for TalentCulture and focuses on the World of(…)