Being Crystal

Being Crystal:  I Wanna Talk About Me

Being Crystal: I Wanna Talk About Me

When trying to date? You have to balance how much you “talk about me.”

  1. Stephen O'Donnell: So you want to talk about you, and you want him to talk about himself? Sounds fair. It also sounds…

    • Crystal Miller: The social media aspect is certainly interesting but I'm -trying- to keep that at bay by not connecting with men…

Being Crystal:  Balancing Food Fun

Being Crystal: Balancing Food Fun

Okay, I’m sure from the title you’re wondering HOW recipes has anything to do with anything related to life as a professional, or a parent. Here’s the thing: this time of year is always difficult when it comes to family meal time.

Being Crystal:  Content and Context

Being Crystal: Content and Context

Looking back through my posts and the interaction with each topic matter I write about, there’s just no question that the “being Crystal” posts, especially the dating ones, get a lot of traffic.  Even with those in my “professional circle,” they seem to draw interest.  Or at least a few laughs.  So, as I’m looking(…)

Not the ‘Marrying Kind of Girl’

Not the ‘Marrying Kind of Girl’

Lately it seems all I’ve done is work… and care for my girls, of course.  But outside of that, I’ve not had time to do much of anything:  gym, tanning, friends, even dating has been put on the back-burner.  Of course, to those that know me well?  That last category comes as no surprise.  I’ve(…)

  1. JacPoindexter (@ValueIntoWords): Great post, Crystal. It's 'worth the wait' and you'll know when you've found your 'it' guy. I was 43 when…

    • TheOneCrystal: Thanks, Jacqui! Always nice to hear I'm not totally off my rocker in my line of thinking & so glad…

      • Andrea: I love the picture of the housewife cleaning the dishes. Can you tell me where I can download that picture…

        • TheOneCrystal: Andrea, I originally got it from a blog called "Heart of my Husband." You can find it here.

      • Andrea: Thank you for your quick answer! I have found the picture somewhere else.

  2. Rayanne Thorn: I love this post. After two marriages, I thought I was not the "marrying kind" as I had decided it…

  3. Brittny: So, are you still friends with Deb? Love this post by the way:)

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Let’s Meet… Or Not:  A “Being Crystal” Post

Let’s Meet… Or Not: A “Being Crystal” Post

For the last I don’t even know how long, I’ve been trying to find time to meet this guy I connected with online.  True to form for me; we’d make plans and then I’d have to break them for one reason or another.  I don’t remember them all now; but I’m pretty sure they were all legit(…)

Rant On:  It IS Personal!

Rant On: It IS Personal!

So, I’ll concede that sometimes the things I find inane or annoying really aren’t that big of a deal to anyone other than me… but, I have a serious bone to pick.  With a phrase that when used, a) often makes the person saying it a liar because it’s largely inaccurate; and b) and is(…)

  1. sandraeamor: Excellent! Personally, I think this is quite an amazing post. (Sorry, couldn't resist!) Let's all get more personal! Hopefully this…

    • TheOneCrystal: Thanks, Sandra - and can't blame you, personally speaking, for the pun. ;) Clearly I couldn't resist, either - it's…

#TR30Days The Rhythm of Happiness

#TR30Days The Rhythm of Happiness

Last night, I received a phone call from a rather distraught friend. Despite the fact that it was after midnight and I was asleep; of course I took it. (1)  She went on to explain that despite trying her hardest, following all “the rules,” and working non-stop?? She couldn’t reach her destination: happiness. Despite all(…)

Purpose & Personal Ramblings

Purpose & Personal Ramblings

[youtube] WARNING:  THIS IS RAMBLERRIFIC. Oh my, it’s been a booger of a week.  The details aren’t germane to get the gist of the story; but the top-notes are that nearly a month’s worth of bullying (and that’s being kind about it) came to a head at the beginning of the week and I(…)

  1. Mike H: Rammblerrific, lol! A lot of people are just wondering through life. It's awesome you found your sense of purpose.