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Being Crystal: Why I Stay(ed) and Why I Left

There are things which we hold close to our chest, not really wanting to share with others.  Of course, there are all kinds of reasons for it; but two stick out when it comes to domestic abuse:  there is a sad reality of judgement against the victim and a lack of desire to understand those(…)

  1. Martin: Crystal - Thanks so much for choosing to share this - it's brave. Unbelievable that you had to endure this.…

  2. Shauna: Big Big hugs. You are very brave and I'm sorry you had to go through all that, especially with no…

    • Crystal: My parents were there. And I was "lucky" because it wasn't a daily, weekly or even monthly occurrence. We (my…

  3. Todd Raphael: I'm so glad you're OK. My best wishes always.

  4. John Jorgensen: Wow...just another example of your strength. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Christopher: I don't have the words to say I'm sorry you and your daughters experienced this - but I also don't…

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Being Crystal:  This is NOT the Dating from “Sex in the City” #NSFW

Being Crystal: This is NOT the Dating from “Sex in the City” #NSFW

Let me warn you all up front:  this is TOTALLY rantastic, has nothing to do with work and is really me just working out the frustrations of dating in 2014. For anyone that knows me well, they know that even though I haven’t been dating since I was fifteen (and I’m divorced, so I have(…)

The #Leadership Struggles of an #ENTJ: Judge Less, Meditate More

I’ve been trying to meditate to the thought that Pink shared in this picture all morning.  Turns out? Meditation is not my strong suit.  My mind works in a dozen different directions at any given time, so focusing in on a singular train of thought is a bit difficult.  In fact, the closest I get(…)

Quick Thoughts: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Heard this recently in conversation and thought it was a pretty interesting turn of phrase.  Almost always, it either precedes or sums up communication unpleasantries. Bottom line, it means two things: That the bearer of bad news doesn’t want to take accountability for whatever it was being said because it “wasn’t their call,” and That(…)

  1. Best Blogs 16 May 2014 | ChristopherinHR: [...] Crystal Miller reflects on a simple phrase we use without thinking even while knowing full well what it implies.…

You Don’t Want Me That Way…. (At Least You Shouldn’t)

There’s a trend that’s growing (1) that I’m not particularly fond of.  That trend, my friends, is shaming people.  Not as a punishment like in the picture, though; but rather shaming someone into a desired action or outcome.  In fact, as a society it seems like we’ve been busy “shaming” people all over the place, all over(…)

  1. Stephen O'Donnell: In all forms of online communications, especially SM, lines are being crossed all over the place. Without the benefit of…

Bless Your Heart: Nothing’s Free – Including Your Speech

I’m not going to weigh in on the right or wrong of the Duck Dynasty Phil’s statement. He said what he said. He and his family seem quite prepared to take accountability for it, whatever that looks like.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, you can read the story here.  I’d rather weigh in(…)

All I Want For Christmas…

It’s that time of year where the question “What do you want for Christmas” gets asked of us all… a lot.  This question is the bane of my December existence, because typically?? I. Don’t. Know.  Is there stuff I want?  Sure – I’d like new pots and pans because I love to cook, I want(…)

Being Crystal:  #Roar

Being Crystal: #Roar

By getting back up when people metaphorically push you down and not letting people steal the joy out of the good that’s in your life?? You choose stand for something instead of being a victim… and in that place? You can accomplish really amazing things & that kind of courage helps others find courage, too.

  1. Blake: You should tell people that while they're reading your blog post to be playing the song because it helps with…

    • Crystal: Absolutely! Good idea. :) Thanks, Blake.

  2. Stephen O'Donnell: Love the idea of suggesting a track to play, whilst reading each post. I don't know you, or your family…

Being Crystal:  Let’s Hear it For the Boys!

Being Crystal: Let’s Hear it For the Boys!

Because I am a heterosexual woman dating in Dallas, I write a lot about the boneheaded things men do in an effort to not be alone.  The truth is, of course, guys are not the only ones to do ridiculous and sometimes outright shameful things to the opposite sex in dating.  The more I talk to my guy friends?(…)

  1. Jim Durbin: You nailed that one. Guys who spend money to impress girls are doing it to act out their insecurities. As…

    • Crystal: Man, I should be so set then! I think I'm nice (although maybe I'm not the right person to judge…

Being Crystal: You Don’t Own Me

Ever heard that saying, “I love everything about you… you’re perfect for me… now change, please?”  I used to hear it bandied about as a joke about women – women marry men for potential, or something like that.  What I experienced when dating this one gentleman, however? Was quite the opposite.  I was the one that(…)

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