Why I Am Not a Therapist, Reason #617

On a fairly regular basis, I’m reminding the girls how important it is for them to be kind to each other… cultivate a friendship.  Because after all, one day their Dad & I will die and they’ll be all they’ve got.  I know, morbid – whatever, it’s true. Besides, when they were little they were SUCH great friends; I loved watching them.  Lately (read: last couple of years) they’ve not been remotely as close.

So, knowing I WANT them to be kind to each other; why am I surprised when they actually do it???  Whenever one of them really gets into trouble – like my youngest did today when she revealed she’d let a friend cut her hair last night – they bond.  Now a SMART parent?? Would smile and let that go.  A therapist? Would so find a way to capitalize on that.  ME?  I have to ask them, “So, why be nice to each other NOW? I mean, glad ya are; but why does it take trouble for you two to bond?”

They look at me like I’m nuts; and I realize by asking that?  I probably am; so back out of the room slowly and make a mental note to just try to appreciate what’s likely to be a short stint of peace, anyway.

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